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Precious Heart Pacifiers

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This listing is for putting "a rush" or priority treatment on your order. 

What this means for Ready to Ship items:

  • Only 5 slots are available at a time, so this will apply to a maximum of 4 other people and yourself. 
  • Your order will be moved to the front of the list when we pack orders. 
  • Your order will be taken to the post office either the same night we pack your order or the next morning. (We tend to pack orders very late in the evening and sometimes it is too late to make a same-day drop off.)

Do NOT purchase this listing if your order contains any PREORDER items. Preorder items can not be rushed for any individual persons. 

If your order contains BOTH 'Made to Order' and 'Ready to Ship' items, you only need to purchase the 'Made to Order' version of this listing. You do not need to purchase both but you can not purchase the 'Ready to Ship' version for 'Made to Order'

Do NOT purchase this listing by itself.


♡ If the directions are not properly read and followed, I can not fulfill this request