Horse Adult Pacifier

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This pacifier is brown, decorated with golden yellow and dark brown pearls. It also features a popular toy cowboy and his horse and reads his horses' name.

Adult pacifiers are a tool one can use to self-soothe. They may also be used to quit smoking, decrease snoring, or disrupt teeth grinding among many other things. They have both a larger teat and a larger shield in comparison to a baby pacifier to make it easier for an adult or teen to hold in their mouth comfortably.

If a large shield is uncomfortable for the user, take a look at our modified adult pacifier collection! They have a baby-sized shield with an adult teat.

If the user is an avid chewer, we recommend our exclusive teether pacifier. An invention of our own, it is an adult pacifier with a solid silicone ring instead of a hollow silicone teat.

Product Dimensions

♡ Shield Dimensions: 6.65 cm (W) x 4.75 cm (H)

♡ Shield Material: Polypropylene Plastic

♡ Teat Dimensions: 5 cm (L) 3 cm (W)

♡ Teat Material: BPA and latex free opaque silicone


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