Order Processing & Policies


This section only summarizes key information related to orders. If you need more information click on the link in brackets. Example: [x]

Allergen Alerts
  • There is a service dog on the premises. I do my best to keep him out of the craft room and away from inventory, including large curtains to block off the craft room, but fur can circulate despite our best intentions. If you are allergic to dogs, you know the extent of your allergy. Do not order if it is unsafe for you.
Order Processing

Order processing is NOT the same as shipping. Choosing priority shipping at checkout will NOT make your order come faster. If you need quicker processing, please check out our "Rush My Order" option found here: [x]

Underneath the price you will see a line titled "Product Type." This is what types may be listed and what they mean:

  • Ready to Ship: These items are in our inventory and finished. RTS orders may take 2-10 business days to ship. 
  • RTS-On Demand: Components of these items are in our inventory and just need to be put together. (i.e. printing something, switching out a part for a variant part) I am only putting quickly assembled items here. They typically take 2-15 business days to ship due to our workload.
  • Made to Order: These items have to be made from scratch. The current estimated time is 2-10 weeks depending on the amount of orders before yours, the size of your order, and if any materials need to be special ordered. There may be delays surrounding major holidays so please order in advance during those times. 


Important: The email address you use at check out needs to be correct and one that you use. If we need further details from you to complete your order, we email you. We continuously find ourselves waiting weeks, and sometimes even months, for replies. We can not complete an order if we don't have the details necessary. Once we've sent an email, we mark your order red on the public order status board. We will now also be moving it to a "paused" section. Time spent waiting on replies will not be counted in our standard processing time since we have no control over when you reply.  


We ship through USPS. If you would like us to ship your order with another service, please contact us BEFORE ordering so that we can give you a custom shipping quote. 

Shipping rates and times are displayed at checkout. "How much is shipping?" isn't a question we can really answer easily. It depends on the weight of your order as much as your location. The weight of your order, and therefore the rates, are calculated at checkout. It will be much faster to add what you want to cart and preview the cost than to email us and wait for us to gather all the items you want, weigh them, manually get a rate quote, and then get back to you with it.

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We ship everywhere allowed by USPS. [x]

Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, and Cancellations
  • Returns: Due to health concerns, we can not accept returns.
  • Exchanges: You can exchange a 'Ready to Ship' item for another of the SAME price so long as you contact us BEFORE we pack your order. When exchanges are NOT permitted: 'Made to Order' items, after your order has been packed, or after you receive your order. The only exception is if we accidentally sent the wrong item. That would be our mistake and we are more than happy to remedy that. 
  • Refunds: Since our payment processor does not refund the fees they take out, refunds are not permitted unless we can not fulfill your order for some reason. 
  • Cancellations: Again, fees are not refunded and we would have to pay them out of pocket. We are a small shop with only 2 people. If you truly do not want the item(s) anymore, or can't receive a package at this time, we are able to offer a refund in store credit. We can also hold packages for you if that is the issue. 
If these policies are an issue for you, please don't order. If you are just hesitant because you have questions, contact us first. If you aren't sure if you can order and still have enough for other expenses, it's just best not to order at this time. We've been there. Non-handmade items are regularly restocked and many handmade items can be recreated as a custom order. (When items can't be remade, we indicate that on our Instagram: @preciousheartpacifiers) While we appreciate the support, it puts hardships on both you and us if you overspend.