Frequently Asked Questions

About Precious Heart Boutique

Where is PHBoutique located?

PHB is located in Tucson, AZ (USA)

There is not physical store but sometimes I will vend locally. I will announce this on Instagram when I do.

About the Artist

I am Malakai Heart, 24. This is a pen name for safety reasons.

I am physically disabled and chronically ill but I am doing my best with the cards I was dealt. As such, I am a strong supporter of the 'Spoonie' community and some of the products I choose to carry reflect that.

I enjoy art in pretty much any medium. This started out as a dedicated decoden and resin store but as I find more crafts I enjoy, I find myself adding more unique items to my inventory. I'm just going to keep making what I'm inspired to and see where that leads.

I like anime, cartoons, sci-fi, cute aesthetics, and video games and you can usually see those sources of inspiration in my work. I am also trying my hand at writing lately. So I might add a book to the store someday.

I am very grateful for all the support I've received over the years! Thank you for helping me to follow my dreams!

Why was PHBoutique created?

I actually started making and selling decoden adult pacifiers in honor of a relative of mine who needs them medically and couldn't find sellers of them that weren't involved in fetish or drug communities. It struck me as odd since it's originally a medical item. But I also knew that medical companies don't often offer customization on their items and if you want a prettier cane or a wheelchair bag, you have to go to an artist to get that. So I became that artist for that particular item.

I've seen other non-fetish/non-drug affiliated sellers emerge since then. So I felt comfortable exploring other kinds of art for myself. I fell in love with resin and I started finding neighboring craft communities from there. And I just keep adding to the shop. I even started carrying some of the craft supplies I use so that I can pass on the joy of crafting to others.

When was PHBoutique founded?

PHB started out with a few temporary names before becoming Precious Heart Pacifiers. And then once I added other items, it changed to Precious Heart Boutique.

My first recorded sale was in January 2017. I remember being surprised at selling first items so quickly after I listed them, so I consider that my shop's anniversary date.

Who are the employees?

Malakai - The artist and founder/owner!

I also do all the inventory tracking, packing orders, website maitenence, social media, photography, etc. Almost everything.

Belita Heart - The artist's mom!

Because of my physical disability, I can't safely live alone. And I don't drive. Belita is the only way your packages are getting to a post office because our mailperson ignores all my pickup requests due to the number of packages. I don't hold it against them. It's a lot sometimes. Belita also helps out with small things I can't do anymore as my condition declines. She is my stronger, extra set of hands. ^_^

Rory - The artist's service dog!

He doesn't help out with shop stuff as much as he just makes sure I'm still functioning so that I can do shop stuff. He's very good at what he does do though!

Shipping & Delivery

When will I get my order?

Order processing times are written on each listing but to recap:

☆ Ready To Ship: 1-3 weeks

☆ Made To Order: 2-6 weeks

The processing type can be found underneath the product name on each listing.

☆ Exception: Pre-Orders (These will have a custom time frame in the listing.)

Shipping time varies per courier and service. They are shown at checkout.

☆ Disclaimer: Obviously, I am a person, not a company, so there may be unforseen circumstances that otherwise delay orders. Such as an issue with suppliers or a medical emergency. I will post updates on Instagram if that happens!

Can I combine shipping from multiple orders?

I'm sorry but no. If you place multiple orders, I will send them seperately.

In the past, people have issued chargebacks using a single tracking number for multiple orders as "proof" that they didn't receive everything. When privileges are abused, I unfortunately have to remove them for everyone to protect this shop.

Can you send the items in my order to different addresses?

Shipping needs to be paid for each package sent. If you want to order multiple items to be sent to different addresses, you need to place each order seperately.

Is shipping discreet?

Those who order PHPacifiers items can be rest assured that my shipping is always discreet. Your medical needs are YOUR business. Not your neighbors' or postman's.

The name on the return label is Precious Heart Boutique since that is my shop's name. Bubble mailers or tape may be patterned but there will be no logos or mentions of pacifiers. In international orders where I am legally required to list the contents, it will say stim toy/water bottle/etc.

I used the wrong address./My address changed.

If your order has already shipped, I can't do much. If the package gets sent back, you can pay for reshipping it. Please make sure your address is correct though.

If your order hasn't shippind, contact me. I can change the order address on my end.

Do you have package insurance/signature on delivery?

Yes. They are available in order upgrades. Please read the listings fully.

Can you send my order faster?

I offer 'Rush Order' slots in order upgrades. This speeds up your order processing and bumps it to the front of the line. Please read the listings fully.

I can not make shipping faster. You need to select a faster service at checkout.

Payment & Checkout

What payment methods do you accept?

My payment processor accepts Amex, Diner's Club, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. It also accepts Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.

Can I make payments?

Intallment payments can be made through Shop Pay.

Do you accept PayPal/Cash on Delivery/Cash/Trades?

☆ Paypal: Currently, no. This may change, but only through Etsy.

☆ Cash: I accept cash in person only. I vend in Tucson, Arizona occasionally.

I do not accept cash through the mail because it's a security issue, for you and me. I'd personally discourage paying that way at any store.

☆ Cash On Delivery: I do not offer COD payment.

☆ Trades: Sorry, I don't do trades due to the risk.

Can I have the sale price for the order I already placed?

Sale prices can only be applied to orders placed during the active window of the sale. If I have posted a code, enter it at checkout. Some discounts apply automatically at checkout. If those aren't applying, the sale hasn't started yet. Cancel the checkout and try again once the sale has started.

My discount didn't apply./I forgot the discount code.

Some discounts apply automatically at checkout. If those aren't applying, the sale hasn't started yet. Cancel the checkout and try again once the sale has started.

If you are entering a discount code and it is not applying to your order, please contact me. There may be a requirement you are missing or it may be an expired code. I can help you try and figure out what the issue is.

I can not apply a discount retroactively, so please make sure the discount (automatic or code) applies before completeing your checkout.

Other Questions

Do you take custom orders?

I used to but I've had to stop due to my health.

I have no current plans to reopen customs in the future.

Can you add/remove ___ from the item(s) I ordered?

No. That would be a custom order and would usually cost more/less than you paid.

Please read listing descriptions. What you see/read is what you will be getting.

Is this an 18+ shop?

No. If you're asking that because of the PHPacifiers items, click here.

That being said, please use discretion when gifting these items. Bedazzled items or fragile jewelry are not safe for everyone. i.e. young kids, pets, teens or adults who might try to eat things. Resin gummy bears are not edible! (Half-joking.)